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6 Advantages of TWS OPPO Enco Air, Also Suitable for Gamers!

Jakarta, Gizmology – Gizmo friends looking for a true wireless stereo (TWS) device? If so, whether it’s working from home, school to just listening to music, make sure to choose the right type of TWS. In addition to the price, the main features also need to be considered.

For wireless audio devices with affordable prices of less than a million, OPPO Indonesia has provided two attractive options for its consumers in the country. Both are OPPO Enco Air & Enco Buds, priced at different prices and available for different types of users.

Not just the design, the OPPO Enco Air presents several interesting advantages that can be the best choice. Can be obtained for Rp. 999 thousand, what makes it interesting? Here are 6 advantages that we can summarize.

More Comfortable Semi in-Ear Design

OPPO Enco Air

Unlike the Enco Buds, which use eartips aka silicon rubber at the ends of the earbuds, the OPPO Enco Air is designed in one piece. Carry a semi in-ear design, there is no additional silicone rubber on the part that goes into the ear canal.

The advantages of this design itself are twofold; sounds from outside will still be heard so it is suitable for those who have high mobility, and does not make the ears tired or sweaty. OPPO has designed it to fit all types of users’ ears.

Each earbud weighs just 3.75 grams—lighter than A4 paper. Even so, it is still given the IPX4 standard of being splash resistant. The charging case design is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry or fit into a trouser pocket.

AI Noise Cancellation For Calls

During the pandemic, more activities such as meetings or school classes are held virtually, via voice or video calls. This will be a problem when the house is in a crowded environment, so that the caller’s voice is not clear or is distracted by noise.

This is nothing to worry about when using the OPPO Enco Air. Each earbud has two microphones that work effectively to pick up only the user’s voice. The Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithm also serves to replicate a clearer human voice.

That way, users will be free to make voice calls even in crowded situations. Like in a shopping center or train station, the telephone receiver will only focus on hearing the user’s voice without any surrounding noise.

OPPO Enco Water Battery Lasts 24 Hours

OPPO Enco Air

Don’t want to have wireless earphones that have to be charged frequently? OPPO Enco Air has a total lifetime of up to 24 hours, so you only need to charge it every few days. Each earbud can be used for up to 4 hours non-stop.

Using the modern USB-C port, you don’t have to wait long to charge in emergency situations. In just 10 minutes, users can use it again for up to 8 hours thanks to fast charging technology. While charging to full takes about 90 minutes.

Low Latency Gaming Mode

Besides being suitable for calling needs, OPPO Enco Air is also suitable for mobile gamers thanks to its excellent connectivity. Run Bluetooth version 5.2, this latest OPPO TWS can still be connected up to a distance of 10 meters.

When you need a more instant voice response, gaming mode can be activated, with latency that can be lowered to 80ms. Online gamers who need to hear the team’s voice can keep playing without worrying about lag through this special mode.

Excellent Audio Quality Thanks to Big Drivers

OPPO Enco Air 006

Generally, earphones with semi-in-ear designs have less punchy sound output, when compared to the more soundproof type of in-ear monitoring. For this reason, the drivers for each of the OPPO Enco Air earbuds are quite large at 12mm.

Using titanium composite material plus a power bass booster, users will still feel the bass boom that should be from their favorite song. The sound output is also designed by a dedicated research & development team, specializing in 15 years in designing audio devices.

The World’s First TUV Rheinland Certification

Familiar with the name of this international certification body? Yes, not only for the screen and physical body, TUV Rheinland also has a special standard system for TWS devices. And the OPPO Enco Air became the first TWS in the world to achieve this standard.

This means that this OPPO wearable has successfully passed a series of tests such as latency, stability and performance tests when making calls. Give a guarantee that OPPO Enco Air is able to provide the best quality in various usage scenarios.

Comes in Misty White and Misty Black colors, this device can be obtained both offline and online at the official OPPO Indonesia store. Of the 6 advantages mentioned above, which one is the most attractive to Gizmo friends?


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