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Apple iPhone 13 is rumored to be the first to bring the Always-on Display feature

Jakarta, Gizmology – Every year, the debate over which is better between Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhones always happens. Both are like chasing each other’s specifications and providing the best features. While Android seems to prioritize numbers, iPhone seems to focus more on the user experience. Although skip some features such as always-on display.

Call it the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple’s best device that was released near the end of 2020. In terms of performance to the camera, this latest iPhone does have a class of its own, staying up to be a favorite smartphone for superior video recording. Even so, the part that feels the most lacking is the screen.

When Android flagships come with Quad HD resolution and high refresh rates, the iPhone 12 Series has not reached the equivalent level, and is still comfortable with 60Hz from the Mini series to Pro Max. And even though you’re already using an AMOLED panel, there’s one feature that’s currently not available: always-on display (AOD).

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Always-on Display Coming to New iPhones

iPhone 12 Pro Design

Although it has been using an AMOLED display panel since the iPhone X was released in 2017, there is not a single Apple smartphone that supports the always-on display, even just showing the clock for a few minutes while the screen is on standby. If you feel left out, then you need to wait until the end of the year.

A journalist from Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, through his newsletter, gave a report on the sales of the iPhone 12 in 2020, as well as several features that are expected to be present on the iPhone 13. He made several points.

In addition to increased performance through the A15 chip and better video recording capabilities, the next three points focus on the screen. In addition to smaller bangs or notch dimensions and a high refresh rate, the iPhone 13 may support an always-on display like the Apple Watch Series 6.

Rumors regarding the 120Hz refresh rate have been around since before the iPhone 12 was unveiled. Gurman also said that Apple will use a new screen panel that can provide lower power consumption.

LTPO Panels Are Much More Power Efficient For AOD Features

Apple Watch Series 6 always-on display

So why did Apple just decide to implement the always-on display feature on the iPhone 13? Quoted from Android Authority, the screen technology that Gurman expects to be able to save power consumption is a new type of LTPO, which stands for low-temperature polycrystalline oxide.

This type of panel has actually been used in the flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 series, and includes the first Apple smartwatch to support AOD, namely the Apple Watch Series 5. Unlike the usual AMOLED panel, the LTPO type can be more energy efficient with a much lower refresh rate.

Generally, today’s smartphones run a 60Hz refresh rate, where the screen moves 60 times every second. LTPO allows the refresh rate to drop as low as 1Hz. That way, when the always-on display is activated, the power consumption can be reduced.

Before being able to use the LTPO panel, Apple had to take a big risk if the AOD feature was included on the iPhone 12 Series. Apple smartphone battery capacity has never been as big as Android, although it is claimed to last up to a day of use.

However, one of the newest releases which is also the least selling product, iPhone 12 Mini, has the reputation of the worst battery life of the other three series, with a capacity of only 2,227 mAh.

Even though the always-on display is also optional, users who activate it will feel that their smartphone battery is very wasteful. So it is very possible if Apple waits for a capable screen technology first so as not to interfere with the daily user experience. We’ll just have to wait for the truth of this information.


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