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We are well aware of how much we have been dependent on the internet in today’s times. But forgot that there is something that exists around us that can prove to be dangerous for your health. Yes, now talk about wireless headphones such as Apple’s trendy ear-pods can cause cancer.

In this article printed at the international level, Professor Jerry Phillips, Ph.D., of the biochemistry of The University of Colorado says that he is very concerned about ear-pods. Because in the action of putting the Bluetooth or ear-pods in the ear, the tissues exposed to a higher level of radio-frequency radiation. Those who are not less than a threat bell.

In this article, it is reported that Philips is not alone in wireless concerns about Bluetooth devices, in a new tab addressed to the United Nations and the World Health Organization, citing a petition, it has been said that it should be used in more than 40 countries Signed by 250 researchers.

Research has said that it is true that wireless Bluetooth emits radiation headphones. It is also true that Apple had opened an estimated 28 million pairs of links in a new tab of its iconic ear-pods last year, and there is not even a ton of long-term research on the safety of this type of radiation.

Maybe infections

Hearing the songs by putting headphones, you have a risk of ear infection. Indeed, those who love to listen to songs often do most of their work by putting headphones or earphones, and sometimes even in the toilet, people wear headphones. It sticks harmful bacteria and viruses on their headphones and phones, which can cause ear infections and damage the ears. Similarly, if you share your headphones or earphones with many people, then your ears also have an infection risk.

If you listen to songs in loud voices

The ability to listen to your hearing can be reduced with time. Actually, the sound is born from the vibrations in the air and if these vibrations fall on the curtains of our ears then we have heard the word or the music. When you hear songs in a loud voice on the headphones, there is a constant shock on the curl of the ear and you can not hear the voice outside. By constantly listening to songs in a loud voice, the brain develops the ability to withstand sharp shots after which the slow trauma cannot read the mind many times and you can not hear the normal sound.

Cells are an important part of our body. Listening to the loud sound brings harm to sensitive cells present in the basilar of the ear. There is a nerve to reach the sound waves to our brain, which is called the Kochellar nerve. When we hear the songs in a loud voice, this nerve also damages and the sound waves do not reach properly to our brain. Indeed, less than 75 decibels are considered safe for our ears and the noise above 85 decibels is harmful to our ears. In normal conversation, our voice level is 55 to 60 decibels.

Along with age, weakness is also present in our organs. In old age, our muscles, cells, and bones do not have enough capacity to tolerate strong trauma. In this case, if you listen to music in a loud voice, it also puts pressure on the nerves and your blood pressure may be affected. Sometimes a person may have a heart attack because of this.

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