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 1. ONE PLUS INDIA is giving away free movie tickets for AVENGERS INFINITY WAR.

NEW DELHI: OnePlus is leaving no stone unturned in building the hype train for its forthcoming OnePlus 6smartphone. The Chinese smartphone maker recently partnered with Marvel to generate hype and today (April 23) the firm announced that it is going to give away 6000 tickets for the upcoming Marvel Avengers: Infinity War movie. This will be for the dates 27, 28 and 29.

Users would need to visit the Oneplus.in the website and submit their OnePlus smartphone’s IMEI number (If you have registered your IMEI previously, you can skip this step), choose your city and click on the ‘Get It’ button to get the ticket coupon code.

The tickets will be available for these movie theatres across 10 cities: PVR ICON Infiniti Mall Versova MUMBAI, PVR Pune Market City (Pune), PVR Kukatpally Forum Mall (Hyderabad), PVR Elante Mall (Chandigarh), PVR Ampa Mall (Chennai), Cinemax Mani Square Mall (Kolkata), PVR DLF Mall of India (Delhi NCR), PVR Forum Mall (Bangalore) and PVR Lulu Mall (Kochi), PVR Acropolis (Ahmedabad).


 Google has an excellent track record of filtering spams and preventing them from reaching your Gmail inbox. But apparently, there is a glitch that some spammers have exploited to circumvent Gmail spam detection filters.

In the last 24 hours, a number of users have witnessed a host of spam mails sitting in their sent folders. Naturally, their first response was to think that their accounts were hacked. However, the spam emails continued being sent even when the users changed their password and enabled 2-factor authentication.

The emails arriving in the inbox appear as if they are being sent by the user with a Me marked in the inbox along with the profile icon of the Gmail user on mobile. While the spam shows the users name in the main view, on opening the mail, there is a different name in the From line with the subject and content of the email changing with each email.

3. SAMSUNG GALAXY C7 gets an Rs. 2,500 cut in India.

  Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro was launched back in April 2017 with a price tag of Rs 27,990. Since the launch, this is for the second time that the Android phone has seen a price drop. After the second price cut — which is around Rs 2500, Samsung is now selling the Galaxy C7 Pro for Rs 22,400. This is an official price cut, and interested customers can head to either Samsung’s official e-store or Amazon India store to get the phone.

The new price of the Galaxy C7 Pro is already reflected in both Samsung online shop and Amazon India store. Interested customers can also head to Paytm mall to get additional Rs 2,500 cashback on the Galaxy C7 Pro on top of the new price. Paytm mall offer available for a limited time period only. Meanwhile, the smartphone is still listed with the old price of Rs 24,990 on Flipkart.

The smartphone is available in two colors: gold and navy blue.

Researchers from the Salk Institute recently implanted a bean-sized brain organoid into a mouse and covered it with a transparent window. The material was able to get blood supply from the mouse and survived for up to 233 days, displaying the same properties and growth as if it were in a newborn. It’s a big advance for organoids and could help scientists study and treat mental illness

This is a very big step for our health care in the future.

Let’s see when they will use it for our health care

It may be launch in India as Mi A2 and if it contains SD660 then it will going to be the best phone under Rs. 20,000.

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