CORONAVIRUS is impacting a lot now. A few weeks back we were free to move anywhere, travel anywhere like in India all are allowed to wander anywhere and the roads were fully packed with vehicles and humans and now BANG! Everyone is locked in their houses, all the shops are closed and the good thing is that due to this and due to the perfect step of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi the situation in India is under control. 

Corona’s effect is falling everywhere and in every field of industry. 

Now there are a few positives and in this blog, I’ll focus on WHAT CAN WE DO?  as a citizen or as a programmer or as a developer. As we can see that all the IT industries are now switched to WORK FROM HOME, the trend of work from home is increased a lot as we can see in the report of GOOGLE TRENDS because due to coronavirus everything is closed. 

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As a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, this is a great opportunity to showcase your talent because if you can work from home and provide help, that’s great.  In the home, you are getting all the comforts that you were not getting in the office and this also relaxes your mind. I, as a developer, always used to say that learning is a great way to enhance your skills and sharpen your mind.

As a developer and staying at home, we can do a lot of things that will help the doctors to fight against the virus. Most of the developer has already made the COVID-19 tracker, there are 100 of websites or platform that can show you the real-time numbers of COVID-19 patient. So if everyone is busy making the tracker of COVID-19 why not you stand up and make something “which track the increasing number of tracking sites of coronavirus”. 

We as a developer and as a programmer can do a lot to help the government and the people to stay aware of COVID-19. 

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The people who think that what the developer can do? and how they can help I’ll give you an example. CDC, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, developed a BOT called CLARA, which can self detect the people suffering from CORONAVIRUS and my friend this is made by a developer. It allows you to self diagnose. 


The “AAROGYA SETU” app of INDIAN GOVERNMENT made by a software developer can help the Indians to know the nearby corona patient. 

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If you think that you are not so much skill and you don’t know about this technology but you want to learn then my friend, this is the time you can utilize. For those who are in their learning phase and due to their colleges, jobs and other work they couldn’t get time, then you can utilize this time in a proper way. These upcoming one or two months is the golden opportunity for all the developers. 

There are lots of free courses available online and most of the platforms made their courses free of cost for the next month. 

Please take hard, pull up your socks and utilize this time you’ll not going to get this time again and this golden opportunity again in your life. 

Follow your passion, do what you want to do. If you want to workout then go ahead, LEARN TO CODE, Learn new skills and utilize your time.

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I just want to say #stay_home #stay_safe  and keep learning.

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