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OASE Cutting Machine , Instant Portable Garskin Printing Machine 30 Seconds

Jakarta, Gizmology – Vendors who are better known as smartphone accessory devices, OASE Indonesia actually has many types of interesting devices. A few weeks ago, the OASE smartwatch came with an affordable price and excellent features such as a temperature meter. But do you know Gizmo friends about OASE Cutting Machine?

Yes, before OASE Horizon W1 Inaugurated, OASE first provides suitable devices to accompany smartphone accessories stores, aka used for business. Not a type of IoT product, the OASE Cutting Machine is a versatile cutting machine. Able to produce accessories such as screen protectors or garskins or smartphone body stickers/skins.

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Anthony Roderick. P, Public Relations of OASE said, “The development of the times also requires every manufacturer of gadget accessories products to present the latest and modern products. The more we come here, everything is required to be simpler and easier.” This has prompted the OASE to present new technologies, which can make people’s lives easier.

OASE Cutting Machine Compatibility Very Wide

OASE Cutting Machine

Despite having relatively compact dimensions, the OASE Cutting Machine is capable of printing screen protectors and body stickers for smartphones, smartwatches, TWS to vapes and pods. Recorded more than 5,000 types of devices that have been supported. Presented for people who want to develop a business in the field of gadget accessories.

Some of the advantages of the OASE Cutting Machine are its compact dimensions for a multifunction printing machine, reducing labor costs because it works automatically, and reducing film waste with the easiest film installation method. Also attracts visitors because it is a new technology, it can print screen protectors even for curved screens.

OASE Cutting Machine

The type of screen protector is a flexible film made of TPU, different from tempered glass or standard screen protectors. The advantage of this material is that it is easier to bend, so it can print screen protectors for foldable cellphones, plus cover the entire curved area of ​​the screen.

As for the back protector or screen protector, OASE Cutting Machine provides many design options with PVC material. So that it is more durable and heat resistant, can follow the shape of the gadget. If you look at the selling price of this device on several e-commerce sites, it ranges from less than Rp. 10 million.

Can Give Profits Up To IDR 300 Million

OASE Cutting Machine

In a release received by Gizmologi, OASE said that one of the partners who collaborated and used the OASE Cutting Machine had experienced a significant change in using the cutting machine product. It is claimed that the store can make a profit of up to Rp. 300 million per month, while the capital is quite small.

The operation of the OASE Cutting Machine is very easy. You only need Wi-Fi connectivity, then choose the brand and type of product on the machine’s screen display, then you can directly print scratch-resistant or smartphone body protectors on demand. It only takes 30 seconds for standard movie sizes.

Not only selling devices, OASE also provides training services both before and after consumers buy the OASE Cutting Machine, one year warranty period, professional guidance. Also one-to-one question and answer service and technical support such as video guides.


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