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One of the best games in the world-PUBG announced its latest Update 7.2. Let’s Check some cool and amazing features of Update 7.2.

Some cool features in New Update are:

The most long-awaited update has now come in Update 7.2. In Ranked Mode, up to 64 opponents battle it out in squad-based combat. The players try to increase their Rank using the new ruleset. Depending on the performance in this mode, the rank points will rise and fall.

At the end of the season if you reach least Gold V and you’ll be rewarded with some exclusive skins at the end. 

In the Ranked play, the players are allowed to play in 1/2/3 man squad.

Requirements for Ranked Mode: 

  • If the two players in a Squad are too far (maximum 10 Divisions) from each other then that squad cannot enter.
  • To qualify for Ranked, the minimum level should be 20.
  • To qualify the Ranked mode, players may need to verify their account using SMS.

Ranked mode game will be played on Erangel, Miramar, or Snahok. In case of any changes in the Ranked mode Rule set the players are announced via post.

How Ranked Mode Works?

In Ranked Mode, a player will get a total of 6 tiers ie. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master), and 5 Divisions (V-I) within each tier. Initially, each player will be considered as ‘Unranked’ in all queues. 


The first 5 matches of a player will count as placement matches and after the end of the 5th match, the player will be given an initial rank for the season.


In the leaderboard, Top 500 players will be listed per server based on their RP in sorted order. The region of the player will be fixed for the entire season when a player enters in the leaderboard.


The player will receive a small additional reward if he/she ends the season on TOP 500 Leaderboard.

PUBG adding bots to public matches on console •

Based on your skills now with the new Update, you will get the BOTS in the game. As your skill increases the appearance of bots will decrease. 

In each match, the ration of bots in each match will change according to the skills.

Actions of bots are limited. 

Some more…

Apart from these two main updates, the gameplay is also improved in the new Update.

Here are some quick and cool points on new updates:

  • Reload times for M416, M16A4, and SCAR-L are increased.
  • M16A4, MK47 does not support full-auto firing mode. 
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  • In the new Update, the destroyed vests will no longer disappear.
  • The main menu navigation bar is also updated with the addition of a new Ranked mode.
  • The color of the vehicle’s seat UI is improved.
  • Sound of Window Breaking is improved and adds more realistic sound.
  • Replay files from previous updates are now unavailable.
  • Lots of bugs are also fixed.

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