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    One latest news is coming from Samsung. Samsung has announced it’s very own processor chip keeping in mind the needs of common people. Samsung launches Exynos 880 SoC chip which has a 5G modem integrated into it.

These chipsets are available on mid-ranged smartphones ranging between Rs.15k- 20k price.
In previous days we observed a mid-ranged Samsung smartphone has a good camera, battery backup, durability but it somewhere lag behind in terms of performance for example we can’t play heavy mobile games on those sets.

To overcome these situations Samsung introduces his new processor Exynos 880. Further, Company claims that with the help of this processor, we can enjoy 4K resolution video recording up to 30fps. They are some great features which we can enjoy on this processor.

There are many more features that came with Exynos 880 SoC. Let us explore those:

  • It can support up to a 64-megapixel camera sensor or a 20-megapixel dual-camera setup.
  • It gives maximum downloading speed up to 2.55Gbps which can be extended up to 3.55Gbps.
  • And the maximum uploading speed it can afford is 1.28Gbps.
  • It supports 5G modem up to 6GHz and AI capabilities for smartphones.
  • Samsung Exynos 880 uses the ARM Mali-G76 MP5 GPU.
  • It supports bluetoothv5.0 and WiFi 802.11ac.

To know more features click here.
Exynos 880 is built on 8nm FinFET and process on the octa-core processor. Vivo Y70s is the first smartphone to experience this chipset which was launched recently on Monday.

When compared to other processors I come to the conclusion that its performance is very similar to Mediatek Dimensity 820 processor.

In the end, I must say this type of implementation was required for the mid-ranged smartphone because people still trust on Samsung due to its durability. To remain on this level it has to compete with other smartphone companies by increasing its performance on mid-range smartphones.

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