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Telkomsel Launches Kuncie, Edutech Platform to Improve Competence of Indonesian Talents – Gizmologi

SWe currently live in a fast-paced era with advances in digital technology. So it is required to be able to follow these developments if you want to survive and don’t want to be left behind. This is the reason Telkomsel launched Kuncie, an edutech platform for skills development in various fields.

This was also emphasized by Wishnutama Kusubandio, the former Menparekraf who was later appointed as the President Commissioner of Telkomsel. According to him, hone skills and knowledge, as well as learn new things from the students expert in the field is one way to be able to adapt to all changes.

“Through Kuncie, Telkomsel seeks to bridge the transmission of these competencies and practical skills to be more effective and efficient digitally for anyone to achieve success. The presence of the Kuncie platform opens wider opportunities for each individual through easy access to information, learning, and discussions using the latest technology,” said Wishnutama, at the Kuncie virtual press conference held via the Zoom platform (15/7/2021).

Kuncie Has 550 Contents from 65 Practitioners

Key PlatformThe Kuncie platform was first introduced on June 7, 2021. As of July 7, 2021, more than 120,000 registered users have been registered. Of these, there are an average of 3,000 active users per day or around 56 thousand active users every month.

Through the Kuncie platform, every talent in Indonesia can learn new skills or improve the skills they already have from practitioners who have proven successful in their fields. Telkomsel itself has collaborated with 65 practitioners and experts from all fields to become mentors. This is an effort to meet the needs in various fields of interest to the community.

Some of them come from business circles such as Gita Wirjawan; creative industry circles such as film producer Joko Anwar; among content creators such as Raditya Dika, and many more, both practitioners on a micro and macro scale.

In addition, to be able to accommodate the various needs of Indonesian talent to grow, Kuncie has been equipped with more than 550 practical content and will continue to be added by mentors and successful MSME actors in Indonesia and marketplace partners such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, and GoJek.

Another thing that makes the Kuncie platform has its own advantages, namely the existence of mentoring sessions from experts that are tailored to demand, as well as being able to connect users personally with mentors across platforms for more intense discussion needs.

Kuncie is claimed to have interesting content adapted to current conditions because mentors are also required to be active. This platform can be downloaded for free on the Appstore and Playstore.

Kuncie can be used by anyone

App LockAccording to Telkomsel President Director Hendri Mulya Syam, anyone can take advantage of this application. Whether from students, or those who just want to start a business and invest, SMEs, content creators, cooks, fashion stylists, beauty bloggers, writers, and others. Because Kuncie is a platform that is currently needed for anyone who wants to progress and develop.

He added that talents in Indonesia actually have a strong desire to be able to continue to grow, but currently supporting resources in Indonesia are still very minimal. Therefore, through this edutech platform, Telkomsel seeks to accelerate creative talents in Indonesia so that they can maximize their potential.

“The presence of this platform is also part of Telkomsel’s efforts to encourage the nation’s progress by accelerating the transformation of talent capabilities in Indonesia in accordance with advances in digital technology, as well as an effort to strengthen Indonesia’s digital ecosystem that is inclusive and sustainable,” said Hendri.

Meanwhile, the new Menparekraf who replaced Wishnutama, namely Sandiaga Uno, also appreciated Telkomsel’s steps in launching Kuncie. According to him, Indonesia is one of the countries with great potential to develop the digital economy.

“In an effort to develop the creative economy sector, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy needs support from various parties, including from Telkomsel, to open up opportunities and create new entrepreneurs. The presence of Kuncie as a learning platform is expected to help Indonesian children improve hands-on skills, as well as bridge the transmission of competencies and skills more effectively and efficiently to achieve success,” he concluded.


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