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These are the 6 Differences New Features OPPO Reno6 vs Reno5

Jakarta, Gizmology – Officially launched on July 16, OPPO Indonesia presents its newest mid-range smartphone that brings the advantages of advanced video features through OPPO Reno6. Appearing with a familiar design, the innards are also similar, at least when compared on paper, along with its predecessor, the OPPO Reno5.

The price tag for the Reno6 is indeed higher, but it’s also not far from OPPO Reno5 at IDR 5,199 million. Meanwhile, the Reno5, which was sold for Rp.4,999 million, was not immediately discontinued, aka it will still be available in the market, as a slightly cheaper option. Provide more choices for consumers.

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If the specifications on paper are almost similar, then what makes OPPO Reno6 more worth buying than the previous generation? And are consumers who have used Reno5 obliged to upgrade to Reno6? Here is a list of 6 new features presented by OPPO through its latest devices.

Bokeh Flare Portrait

OPPO Reno6 - Bokeh Flare Portrait

So the main attraction in the camera sector, OPPO Reno6 carries an advanced feature called Bokeh Flare Portrait. This feature serves to provide a much more dramatic blur effect, especially in scenes with lots of light and urban atmosphere, both day and night.

In fact, this feature is similar to the Night Flare Portrait on the Reno5 series. But in its successor, this feature is developed further, it can also be used in other lighting conditions and not only in photo mode. Even when recording video, effects are displayed in real-time, able to provide a fairly accurate blur boundary between the subject and its surroundings.

To enable this effect, a low-light HDR algorithm as well as a bokeh effect is used, plus AI deep learning to apply frame-by-frame understanding of video. All processing is done in just 10 milliseconds, so effects can appear in real-time while video is being recorded.

Portrait Beauty Video

If AI Beautification technology in photos is commonplace, OPPO Reno6 again improves its video recording capabilities with a similar technique. Can be applied when recording video, the AI ​​algorithm can continue to work to perfect the appearance of the subject’s facial skin.

It doesn’t stop there, Portrait Beautification can also remain active while using certain modes on the front camera. Be it AI Highlight Video, portrait video to Bokeh Flare Portrait. In addition to the unique blur effect, the subject will also appear better through natural digital processing results.

Flash Snapshot

Unlike the two features above, Flash Snapshot is more of an advanced image capture technology that is presented on the OPPO Reno6. No need to activate it manually, this technology ensures that users can capture all kinds of moments with the right focus, aka blur-free.

How does it work? Flash Snapshot utilizes OPPO’s proprietary proprietary technology, namely Image Clear Engine (ICE). That way, the OPPO Reno6 camera will focus on objects automatically and quickly, since the camera application is first turned on without having to focus first. Make sure photos are always clear and stable.

AI Palette

OPPO Reno6 - AI Palette

Not available in the camera application, the AI ​​Palette is present a little hidden, precisely in the default OPPO Reno6 gallery photo editor. Can be used to change the tone in photos, AI Palette is able to combine the color palette of other photos into the photo you are editing or processing.

The method is quite easy. Select the photo you want to adjust the color palette for, then press the edit button and enter the AI ​​Palette. Add another photo that has the appropriate color palette (example: a photo of the sea to change the mood of the photo to blue), then select the photo. The effect will be displayed immediately and you can change the mood after the photo is taken.

More Perfect Reno Glow Staining Technique

OPPO Reno6 design

OPPO Reno5 appears with a glossy back body even though it uses a matte surface, thanks to the Reno Glow technique with a special patent from OPPO. In Reno6, this technique is enhanced by two additional layers, allowing the Aurora color option to emit 1 million colors—an increase from 10,000 colors in the previous series. Not only that, the body also looks cleaner without the more dominant dots on the Reno5.

Not only bright color options, now the dark color Stellar Black in Reno6 also uses the Reno Glow technique, so they both have a matte surface, are anti-fingerprint and have a special scratch-resistant coating. The camera module or frame has also changed shape, which is now using metal material for better durability.

RAM Expansion

RAM Expansion OPPO Reno6

Even though they both use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset, the multitasking process on OPPO Reno6 will feel smoother thanks to the addition of new features. Called RAM Expansion, this feature is quite hidden in the Settings menu. Capable of RAM expansion up to 13GB.

How to? The 8GB LPDDR4x RAM capacity on the OPPO Reno6 can be expanded with additional virtual RAM, taken from 128GB UFS 2.1 internal storage. The user is provided with three incremental size options; 2GB, 3GB to 5GB. After selecting and restarting, the smartphone will automatically have more RAM.


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